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Webcasting has become the premier medium for companies to connect and communicate with their audience.


As your company grows, communicating a concise, direct and immediate message to employees, customers or shareholders can be critical to your success. Corporations and organizations of any size can reach these audiences far more effectively and quickly with video than through any other medium, providing immediacy and real-time interaction with sites anywhere in the world. There is no faster, more affordable or more efficient means of communicating than using video. In fact, a study by The Wharton School of Business revealed that video improves comprehension and retention by 50 percent over a live presentation. Webcasting has become the premier medium for companies to connect and communicate with their audience. It offers an affordable and highly successful means of linking your message to your employees, managers or partners in a consistent and clear manner. Here at Lorelle Communications we know the importance of webcasting in today’s media savvy world where the vast majority of people are used to consuming video content on multiple devices in virtually any location. We offer every aspect of a webcast event including planning, directing, live production including the incorporation of slides and other materials with video resolutions up to 1080i, and the actual distribution process via a private network, YouTube, Livestream or other method. With our compact robotic HD camera system with full switching audio and graphics capabilities, we are able to manage live events and provide you with a high quality webcast that sets up easily within any space, creates minimal impact to you daily operation and is always within your project budget. Our dedicated Verizon Wireless backbone ensures that your live event is always delivered with compromising quality.

Corporate Webcasts

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