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Video Services

Looking for a video director with three decades of experience covering everything from White House events to live concerts to Fortune 500 corporate communication events? Director Kevin Corcoran offers an exceptional array of experience.

Lorelle Communications, Inc. is a full service video production provider specializing in webinars/webcasting for corporations, large venue live events, production feeds for broadcast networks, municipal board meetings, and all forms of public communications. Our experience and knowledge in these genres make us unique in the market and defines why we are the provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies and leading municipalities. Video is becoming more affordable at the same time it is becoming even more valuable in communicating to distinct audiences through the ease of webcasts, interactive town hall meetings and the proliferation of viewing on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Whether you are a corporation in need of delivering a concise message to employees, customers or shareholders, a school looking to narrowcast a significant event, or a budget-conscious municipality looking to engage residents, Lorelle is a leading service provider in the Midwest with the personnel, equipment, and experience to meet your goals on a reasonable budget. With the proliferation of cameras on phones and computers, and the availability of editing software, virtually anyone can call themselves a video producer. What many don’t provide is the quality of service and production that your group should enjoy. At Lorelle, we combine the right technology with decades of experience to meet your budget and deliver your message while providing the level of quality that strengthens your message and enhances your brand.

We offer multiple turn-key production solutions that provide the highest quality video at costs far lower than you might expect. Our flexible packages allow for full control rooms for a limited footprint or gear to cover large scale productions. Mix and match from our 3 HD mobile control rooms, broadcast quality robotic PTZ cameras, or traditional manned studio camera packages. We also offer the security of being able to distribute live content via a dedicated Verizon Wireless backbone so no production is limited or degraded by bandwidth issues.

Our staff consists of proud members of the IBEW Broadcast Technicians and Engineers Union.

Ask about these additional services as well:

  • Directing and Producing Live EventsDirecting and producing live events

  • Live events webcasting via LiveStream, YouTube, Broadcast or satellite distribution

  • Real time closed captioning and other accessibility services

  • Local Government and PEG Cable Access management

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